The memories of the Great Kanto earthquake...

I am Yasubei, who loves Chuo Ward, Tokyo, very much. I would like to pick up a big earthquake that hit the Kanto area, with its center in Tokyo, just 100 years ago.

Every Japanese person learns about the big earthquake, well-known as the Great Kanto earthquake, that struck the Kanto area on September 1, 1923, destroying everything in its path. This day became a memorial day known as Disaster Prevention Day, reminding people of the importance of preparing for natural disasters, much like January 17, when the Great Hanshin earthquake occurred in 1995, and March 11, when the Great Tohoku earthquake occurred in 2011. I sometimes see scenes from that day in pictures or on TV programs. However, even so, I cannot fully imagine that everything around my house was destroyed and that 105,000 people died in the earthquake. Today, few people would have direct memories of the earthquake. However, if you look closely, you can still find many enduring memories of the earthquake in Chuo Ward.

The memories of the Great Kanto earthquake



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