Mickey Mouse Has Come to Ginza!...

SEIKO HOUSE GINZA is one of the landmarks representing the Ginza area in Chuo Ward. Its clock tower is well-known and naturally catches the eyes of people passing by the Ginza 4-chome intersection.

Currently, two faces of the four clocks on the tower have been replaced with illustrations of Mickey Mouse (C) for a limited time. This is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney. The faces of the clocks have been replaced for the first time in history. You can see the special faces until November 18th. Don't miss it!

(C) Mickey Mouse is a copyrighted work of Walt Disney.

Mickey Mouse Has Come to Ginza! https://tokuhain.chuo-kanko.or.jp/detail.php?id=4386



  1. 2024-2-22




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