Have a short trip visiting Seven Lucky Gods in Nihonbashi!...

Year 2023 is about to come to an end. Looking back, what have you accomplished? I might have achieved many things, but most of them are fading from my memories, including the historically hot summer. Time flies by as quickly as light. The New Year is approaching rapidly. How are you planning to spend your New Year holidays? Some might return to their hometowns and spend time with family, while others might go abroad for sightseeing. And for some who don't have any special events planned, they might simply enjoy sleeping longer.

If you happen to stay in Tokyo without special events planned for the New Year, why not consider taking a short trip to visit the Seven Lucky Gods in Nihonbashi? Here, I’d like to introduce eight shrines to visit in Nihonbashi during the New Year. Why eight instead of seven? I’ll explain later. Let’s get started.

Have a short trip visiting Seven Lucky Gods in Nihonbashi! https://tokuhain.chuo-kanko.or.jp/detail.php?id=4564



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