About this link

About this link
In principal, users may reference the information on the Site (365 Central Tokyo) by providing a link to the Site. However, where linking to an item is restricted, users may be requested to comply according to additional information. It is recommended that the homepage of the Site (www.365-centraltokyo.com/en) be linked. In case you would like to provide a link, please contact us with your website with a description of content, URL, the purpose of providing a link, representing person, and e-mail address in advance. Please contact us here.

If the content of the website violates any law or public order and morals, we may ask the website owner to disable any links to the Site. We appreciate your understanding.


  1. 2023-6-2

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Chuo City introduction movie

  1. 2021-3-31

    Introduction movie

    Introduction movie The five themed videos, each re…


  1. 2023-5-13

    [Information on free Yukata wearing experience] Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center has a yukata weari…

    [Information on free Yukata wearing experience] To…

Introduction of Chuo

  1. Introduction of Chuo City Chuo City, located at th…

Infection control

  1. 発熱や咳などの症状がある場合は・・・ ▼かかりつけ医がいる場合は・・・ ▼かかりつけ医…