Chinese Summer Palace Kyobashi Edglan Store...

Summer Palace is located on the 6th floor of Kyobashi Edglan and has the image of a high-class Chinese restaurant.

I have had the opportunity to use it for lunch, so I will report it.At noon, you can eat relaxedly in a quiet atmosphere, and the food is beautiful as shown in the picture.

It is a price that businessmen can use for lunch.

Today, we have a set of "10 limited meals, the best set meal recommended by the chef, boiled rice with fluffy fins, specially made garlic chives, steamed medicinal soup, and squeezed vegetables."The price is a whopping 1,800 yen.

The medicinal soup seems to be good for your health.The garlic chives manju had a good flavor and went well with the dumpling sauce, and it was delicious.The squeezed vegetables were not too spicy and had a mild taste.

And, after all, the shark fin paste is mellow and served over white rice, but it is exquisite.

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中華頤和園 京橋エドグラン店

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