Cool summer sound "Hamacho wind chime garden"...

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It's a hot summer and the corona infection is spreading, so it's hard to go out, but ...

Still in the neighborhood"Ryo"It is an introduction that it is hidden.

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It's no exaggeration to say that the neighborhood is "the refrigerator in my home" (laughs)

To the Tornare Nihonbashi Hamacho supermarket (open 24 hours, so if you have a problem, rush in immediately)

I went shopping.

"I have a furin" and my daughter Azuki (older, recently around the age of various eyes)But.

Certainly, the evening breeze blows and you can hear the cool sound.

When you look at the signboard

"Cool summer sound cool Hamacho wind chime garden"And that.

"For 5 days from August 2nd to 6th," 2021 Hamacho Wind Chime Garden "will be held to display wind chimes all at once.

60 colorful wind chimes bring coolness and healing to this city."

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Each wind chime has a different color and design.

It's a fun event for both eyes and ears.

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