[Higashi-Ginza] Tradition and innovation of Indian restaurant "Nile Restaurant"...

The other day, as usualCentral FM "Hello! RADIO CITY"When I was listening to "! AMAZING GINZA! (Amazing Ginza) ”in the cornerNile restaurantThird generation,Yoshimi NileWas appearing.

http://fm840.jp/blog/hello/2021/07/15/29748 (broadcast on July 15, 2021)

Indian restaurantofNile restaurantteethGinzaIt has been over 70 years since it was founded in Japan.GinzaAs a curry lover, I was excited by the appearance of guests who were suitable for this corner, which conveys the charm of the city.

This time I visited the store for the first time in a long time, and I would like to report on the time when I took out the menu because it is now.

【東銀座】 印度料理専門店「ナイルレストラン」の伝統と革新https://tokuhain.chuo-kanko.or.jp/detail.php?id=2429 The post[Higashi-Ginza] Tradition and innovation of Indian restaurant "Nile Restaurant" first appeared on365 Central Tokyo..

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