"Green dashed line" is now available on Shin-Ohashi-dori!...

Correspondent with childrenEdamameIt is ♪

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The Olympics are over, and the Paralympics are about to begin.

In principle, there were no spectators, but it was decided that it was OK for the children and students to watch the game through the "School Cooperation Watching Program".

Daughter Azuki (Enrolled in Chuo Ward Kindergarten, Senior)Already as of July 7th

You have received a message about "Cancellation of participation in Chuo Ward kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools."

(If you plan to do it before Corona, at the kindergarten where Azuki originally attends

Only the elders were supposed to go to the game.

Azuki said, "Originally, the ones above were supposed to go.

The chances of watching the game came around in Corona 」, wasn't it?)

I wonder if this will change at the last minute.

The decision at that time was made on the premise that "other customers will come to watch the game".

It's around this time that I'm a little worried.

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If I was walking on the pedestrian crossing of "Shin-ohashi-dori" that runs in the neighborhood as usual without thinking about anything.

Two "green dashed lines" on the roadI found that was drawn.

Edamame, I instinctively shouted "Ahhhhh !!".

What exactly is this line?

Did you notice? ??

新大橋通り、「緑の破線」が登場!https://tokuhain.chuo-kanko.or.jp/detail.php?id=2444The post"Green dashed line" is now available on Shin-Ohashi-dori! first appeared on365 Central Tokyo..

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