Afternoon tea at THE GRAND LOUNGE...

I went to the top floor of Ginza SIX for the first time, but it's a great view GOOD!
And there are sofas all over the floor, so it's quiet and relaxing, and it's a little-known spot (laughs).

Afternoon tea at THE GRAND LOUNGE on the 13th floor of Ginza SIX on this day
The atmosphere of the shop is very good, and there are 13 kinds of TWG tea!
There are coffee, cappuccino, cafe au lait, and

In addition, the now-defunct Ginza Maxim strawberry millefeuille comes out at the end.
This alone is worth it!
I ate it for the first time in a long time, but it was delicious ~ ♪

The potato pottages and macaroons are delicious,
The amount is a little small.
On the way, the staff will have fried chicken, french fries or melon with Spanish ham.
He told me that I could order more
I refused at first, but after all it was not enough
Order and share fried chicken and french fries one by one.

It was good to be able to relax for 3 hours ★

Now it looks like strawberry afternoon tea.


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