Maniac Town Aruki-Underground Walk (Hamamachi River Edition)-...

Hello.I'm Hanes, an active correspondent.
There is also a period of refraining from going out,"Maniac Town Aruki-Underground Walk (Ryukangawa Edition)-"It's been 3 years since the update, but it's been a whileUnderdrain walkI've been doing it!
In the "Maniac Machiaruki" series, we propose maniac Machiaruki mainly for culverts.

By the way, the stage this time isHamamachi Riveris!
The Hamamachi River was a cut that flows from the Kanda River through the Hakozaki River to the Sumida River (Okawa).
The past tense is "was" because the landfill began after the war and disappeared in 1972.
However, the remains of the Hamamachi River are on the sidewalkHamacho RyokudoYou can enjoy the town while feeling the remnants of the river.
In the map below, you can see the remains of the Hamamachi River at a glance with the green lines extending northwest and southeast of the Hamacho IC!

This time, it is the northern end of the Hamamachi River in Chuo Ward, and I introduced it before.Ryukan RiverIs the confluence withChuo Ward Ryukan Children's Amusement ParkWalk downstream (southeast) from.
I have been a citizen of Chuo Ward for 5 years, but I visited Ryukan Children's Amusement Park for the first time in the 5th year!
It makes me feel very fresh that there was such a place in the ward, and expectations for the Hamamachi River trace that I will walk from now on will increase.

マニアックまちあるき~暗渠散歩(浜町川編)~ postManiac Town Aruki-Underground Walk (Hamamachi River Edition)- first appeared on365 Central Tokyo..

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