Chuo Ward and the headwaters of Tsukiji-Odawara...

For the first time in a long time, I was able to go to the castle ruins, which was an annual event, during this year's Golden Week.

This year, I decided to make it a castle in a town that seems to be related to Chuo Ward, so I decided to go to the nearby "Odawara Castle".At the end of the Warring States period, it was the final stage for Hideyoshi's unification of the world.

"Ishigakiyama Castle" built by Hideyoshi to capture this castle has a great view overlooking the city of Odawara! ..However, it is surprisingly difficult to find the castle tower of Odawara Castle.Can you find it?

The owner of Odawara Castle is Mr. Hojo.He surrounded the castle and castle town with a moat and earthworks of a total length of 9 km, and tried to fight against Hideyoshi's army in the castle.It is a mainstream Kanto castle that does not use stone walls.

On the other hand, Hidekichi brought in a stone wall craftsman from Kansai, Anō-shu, and completed the first "total stone wall" castle in the Kanto region on Mt. Ishigaki near Odawara Castle in about 80 days.It is also called "Ichiyajo" because there is a legend that the castle of the latest technology was completed in one night by cutting down the surrounding trees at the same time as it was completed.

中央区そして築地の源流~小田原 postChuo Ward and the headwaters of Tsukiji-Odawara first appeared on365 Central Tokyo..

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