[41st excursion series] Approaching the illustration staff of "Kaitai Shinsho"...

hello.I'm Hanes, an active correspondent.
Thankfully, if you have a place of activity as a correspondent in this way, when you go out of Chuo Ward, you will find out that your destination has no relationship with Chuo Ward.
I often go out without finding a relationship like this, but only then can I happen to find a relationship with Chuo Ward.

One day when I visited Kakunodate City, Akita Prefecture, when I was about to leave the dining room where I had local cuisine, I found a wooden information board hanging on the wall near the entrance."Kaitai Shinsho"I found the character.
If you read it carefully, you will find that the temple opposite the cafeteria says "The person in charge of the illustration for "Kaitai Shinsho"Isn't there a memorial monument and a grave?
If you can't overlook this, the temple will quickly help you feel better.Shoanji TempleI stopped by (Shoanji).

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