POLA MUSEUM ANNEX Morihiro Hosokawa Four Seasons of Kyoto Until 10/15...

At the Pola Museum Annex in Ginza 1-chome, there is an exhibition of works called "Morehi Hosokawa's Four Seasons in Kyoto."The period is until October 15th.Open every day during the exhibition period, admission is free.

The instructions you received include the following:

After Morihiro Hosokawa retired from politics at the age of 60, he began creative activities such as pottery, calligraphy, and oil painting.In recent years, he has been involved in the production of many large-scale wall paintings, including the ``Fusion of East and West'' barrier painting at Yakushiji Jionden in Nara and the sliding door painting ``Unryuzu'' at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto.In this exhibition, we will display the "Four Seasons Landscape Paintings" that was dedicated to Eigen-in, the main sub-temple of Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto in 2014.

The 24 sliding door paintings, consisting of ``Chiin,'' ``Keisei,'' ``Autumn,'' and ``Listening to Snow,'' are mainly ink paintings depicting distant views of Kyoto in each of the four seasons. It is sometimes depicted with pale colors.~The following is omitted~



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