Pilot ballpoint pen ★ Acro drive...

A very close Frenchman has returned to the country
I have been sending birthday presents since last year.

If you want to send your parcel overseas nowInternational Mail My Page Service
In that place, enter the product content and amount,
It is a system that prints it and sends it to the post office after pouching it.

When I was thinking about what to do this year,
I happened to find a beautiful ballpoint pen at the stationery department in Isetan.

It's also a pilot's ballpoint pen.
She likes blue, so the pilot is a Japanese brand
It seems that there is also a name entry service, so it may be good!

Besides, the pilot is a company in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku.
It will also be an article on the correspondent blog (laughs)

When the staff prompts me to try writing comfort
Very smooth and easy to write!

I thought the knock type would be easier to use,
It seems that there are more rotary types in Europe.

Alright, let's decide on this!

I also bought cat stationery, envelopes, and notepads.

And because it was so comfortable to write
I bought pink for myself and asked for my name (* ^^ *)

By the way, this ballpoint pen called Acro Drive
Flagship model of smooth oil-based ballpoint pen and acroball
(Positioned at the top of the product series manufactured by multiple models)
So, acro ink is used.

Acro ink is a viscosity that is 1/5 that of a general oil-based ballpoint pen.
The ink will be smooth and smooth to write.

The ballpoint pen with the name has a special feeling,
It seems to be useful as a gift even for Japanese friends.

Pilot Acroball Homepage

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