Ginza Gallery-Notice of "Gallery Night Party"...

The voluntary organization "Ginza Gallery" organized by 36 galleries in Ginza
We are promoting art and culture in cooperation with Chuo Ward and the Zen Ginza Association.
Three times a year for the purpose of having many people enjoy visiting the gallery
We are holding an event, but let me tell you about the "Gallery Night Party".
I will have it.

"Gallery Night Party" is an annual event that started in 2004, and this year is May 28th (Friday).
Will be held at.In addition, this year we will expand the range from Ginza 1-chome to 8-chome, and will be a guarantee.
It is open until 8 pm so that you can enjoy interacting with the artists and writers.
If you are looking for an exciting encounter with art, be sure to visit numerous art galleries.
Why don't you enjoy a walk in Ginza at night?

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