Reborn Tokiwa Bridge won the Tanaka Award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers!...

"Over the Nihonbashi River"Tokiwa BridgeIs the oldest existing stone arch bridge in Tokyo as an existing bridge over a river.The location is right in front of the Bank of Japan.Since it was damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was repaired by the so-called "disassembly and repair" method, in which everything was dismantled once.The restoration work has been completed and it will be available for crossing from May 10, 2021.
This restoration project is given to an excellent bridge project by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.Tanaka AwardWas selected as one of the above, and was announced on May 17, 2021.The name of the "Tanaka Award" is named after Mr. Yutaka Tanaka, who created many famous bridges that are familiar to the general public as symbols of Tokyo such as Eitai Bridge and Kiyosu Bridge over the Sumida River.

Reiwa 2nd Japan Society of Civil Engineers Award Tanaka Award Works category (reconstruction)

Central FM "Doboku Radio"Mr. Yuto Nishimura, an engineer who was involved in the Tokiwa Bridge restoration project, appeared in the "Reviving Tokiwa Bridge" episode that was aired on May 12, 2021 and talked in detail.Those who are interested are the sound source of the YouTube channel "Doboku no Radio" (Here) Please listen.

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