"Easy to live in" NO1...

A construction company (Daito Trust Construction) has announced the results of a survey on "Ranking of cities that are easy to live in Tokyo" (survey period: March 17th to March 30th, 2021), who live in Tokyo and are over 20 years old. (For 24,345 men and women), as a result, Chuo Ward is ranked first.

& gt; The No. 1 ranking of easy-to-live cities in Tokyo has been decided! What was the first place over Bunkyo Ward? (Netorabo) --Yahoo! News

"The first place was Chuo Ward facing the Sumida River.Chuo Ward, which was reclaimed and developed during the Edo period, has a cityscape that retains the atmosphere of a downtown area, Tsukishima and Harumi areas that were reclaimed after the Meiji era, and is an area where skyscrapers and old-fashioned cityscapes coexist.There are various subways, and it seems that places with good transportation are also highly evaluated. "

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The second place is Bunkyo Ward, the third place is Minato Ward, the fourth place is Meguro Ward, the fifth place is Shibuya Ward, the sixth place is Musashino City, the seventh place is Shinagawa Ward, and the eighth place is Mitaka City. , 9th place is Suginami Ward, 10th place is Setagaya Ward.

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Personally, I lived in Tsukuda 2-chome for about 16 and a half years, but since there are Ishikawajima Park and River City 21 nearby, and the Sumida River is also nearby, I can enjoy the scenery that I can not think of in the city center. I did.Moreover, it was a perfect environment for a walk, as it was within walking distance to Ginza and even the area around the Imperial Palace could be reached.The cityscape that makes you feel the history of Nihonbashi was also attractive.

I moved from Chuo Ward a little over two years ago, but when I moved away, I was reminded of the goodness of Chuo Ward.

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