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  1. 2022-5-27

    [41st excursion series] Approaching the illustration staff of “Kaitai Shinsho”

    hello.I'm Hanes, an active correspondent.

Chuo City introduction movie

  1. 2021-3-31

    Introduction movie

    Introduction movie The five themed videos, each re…


  1. 2022-1-21

    【Important Notice about DARUMA painting experience】 We are changing the DARUMA painting experience time which …

    【Important Notice about DARUMA painting experience…

Introduction of Chuo

  1. Introduction of Chuo City Chuo City, located at th…

Infection control

  1. 発熱や咳などの症状がある場合は・・・ ▼かかりつけ医がいる場合は・・・ ▼かかりつけ医…