Introduction of Chuo City...

Introduction of Chuo City

Chuo City, located at the center of Tokyo’s 23 wards, is an old “town” that has flourished over 400 years as the cultural, informational, and business hub of Japan.
Chuo City continues to stay ahead of its times, while maintaining its long history and tradition with each area having its own distinct atmosphere. Ginza and Nihonbashi are some examples of inviting locations. These areas are full of unique charm and attract many travelers from Japan and around the world.



Recommended walking routes
We have selected eight trip courses to help you to fully explore Chuo City, which offer the opportunity to enjoy the Edo period atmosphere, eat gourmet food, or visit a shopping area!


Map of Chuo City



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Introduction of Chuo

  1. Introduction of Chuo City Chuo City, located at th…

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